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Healthy Balance

Our Healthy Balance meals have been approved by a registered Dietitian to fill you up, but not out.

Healthy Balance - Corporate ChefsEach of our more than 75 Healthy Balance selections follow the guidelines below.

  • 500 Calories or Less
  • 12 grams of Total fat or Less
  • 600 milligrams of Sodium of Less
  • 75 Milligrams of Cholesterol or Less
  • No added Trans Fat
  • No added Sugar

Healthy BalanceThe Healthy Balance Meals Program was designed by our registered dietitian, Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD, and is regularly updated to reflect healthy eating recommendations from major health organizations, including the U.S. Government and the American Heart Association. Customers with dietary restrictions for fat, sodium, cholesterol, and sugar can enjoy a daily delicious Healthy Balance meal every day of the week.


Our Healthy Balance Breakfast Program is also designed
by our registered dietitian, Elizabeth Ward, MS. RD. It is
the most important meal of the day!




Green RibbonLook for the Green Ribbon!

Our Healthy Balance program offers our customers a variety of organic, all natural and gluten free food selections. These items can easily be identified by the green ribbons.

Look for them around your Cafe.

Healthy Balance Club Card


Introducing the Healthy Balance Club Card

Buy 10 Healthy Balance meals, get your 11th free!